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Am I a Candidate?

Are you...

Near your target weight

Coolsculpting produces the best results on patients who are already near their goal weight. This allows the device to treat more fat cells during the CoolSculpting treatment.

Not near your goal weight yet? No problem! Our medical weight loss program Inches & Pounds is now accepting new patients. 

Struggling with areas of stubborn fat

When diet and exercise are not working, you are dealing with stubborn fat.  CoolSculpting specifically  targets areas of stubborn fat and eliminates those fat cells forever

informed on the procedure

The patented and FDA-approved CoolSculpting procedure may appear to be magic, but it's science!

It's always important for you to know what procedure you are getting done, how to best prepare for it, and how your body will change from it.

If you answered yes to these 3 questions,

it is time to book your free consultation!

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