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Inches & Pounds


Whether you have had the extra weight for a few months, years, or a lifetime, we are committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Inches & Pounds is designed to help patients lose weight and cultivate a lifestyle that keeps them in control of their weight.

There is no weight requirement to join. Only a desire for a healthier lifestyle. Our program focuses on individuals' personal goals, not a fad diet or strict workout routine. Each plan is customized to the patient's needs. This allows Inches & Pounds to give patients the flexibility and freedom their fast-paced lives require. 

Patients who join the program receive a free copy of Inches & Pounds at their first appointment to guide them through the start of their journey with us. Inches & Pounds contains:

  • 30-day meal plan

  • Recipe guide

  • Habit trackers

  • Community resources

  • Daily logs and more!

Dealing with areas of stubborn fat? Active weight loss patients receive an additional 10% off all CoolSculpting treatment plans and packages.

Celebrate your success with us! Join our online community for support and celebration of all that you have accomplished on your weight loss journey. 

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